Behind-the-scenes at Italvega’s first photoshoot

Behind-the-scenes at Italvega’s first photoshoot
September 22, 2017 abbyjoffreeijken
In The Making of Italvega

Our team has been working so hard the last few months in preparation for launching Since the idea to revive Italvega was conceived in Nick’s brain many moons ago, we’ve been working diligently on design, sourcing, production, building the Italvega community, and bracing ourselves for what’s proving to be an epic journey.

Before we knew it, the bike and first pieces of Italvega clothing had arrived to the Netherlands. Nick and Michael had already planned to ride at Col du Glandon to put the bike and new gear to the test. And, grab some amazing footage of the bike’s maiden voyage.

Still, we couldn’t waste the chance to snap some shots of the bike before sending it up the mountain. We wanted to be sure to capture every detail, curve, edge, and piece of this beautiful bike. And, we knew we needed to turn to a serious professional.

I reached out to a longtime friend, Robert van Ginkel, at RVG Photography. Rob’s product photography is surpassed by none and he’s one of the nicest guys around. He welcomed us with open arms into his space and turned out the most amazing shots of the bike and clothing.

Take a look at some behind the scenes shots from this unforgettable day:



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