A Color Conundrum – Reviving the Italvega bike

A Color Conundrum – Reviving the Italvega bike
September 15, 2017 nicholashurenkamp
In The Making of Italvega

Designing the look and feel of the first italvega bike was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. A challenge was before me: how to capture an old nostalgic feeling within a hyper modern carbon bike with the frame weighing in at just around 1KG?

Weeks of research went into investigating heritage and modern day designs. I needed to incorporate the look of the original 1970 Italvega bike and make it at the same time modern.

Giving the color palette the green light

Together with Jacqueline from Multiple Identities, we had already set-up the color palette for the clothing range; which naturally led us to a match when it came to looking for paint colors for the bike.

With all of this inspiration combined, I set out and sketched up the initial mockup for the bike. I sent this picture to probably over a dozen friends and cyclists asking for their honest opinions. And, boy did I get them…

The bike was almost there, but not 100%. Something was missing.

A golden opportunity

So I decided to meet up with my good friend and a true color expert, Marcel De Zeeuw, to brainstorm. There we were, in a restaurant half-way in ‘No Man’s Land’ Holland, fine-tuning the design. Together, we hit the nail on the head.

Now I knew what colors I wanted, but I still had to actually sort out the technical part. Deciding colors on paper versus seeing them in real life are 2 different things.

Red-hot results

Luckily for me, Chantal and Nico from Nicolor have amazing colors to choose from. Selecting the colors went very smoothly, but my dream was to have every detail painted on; rather than, just creating stickers. I really gave Nico a real run for his money. Honestly, he delivered. The result is more than outstanding. It really turned out fantastic.

See for yourself…

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