When we started out with the Italvega adventure our goal was to preserve the past; to bring back the pure essence of retro style and color combined with the highest achievable quality and sustainability. When we talk about quality, we mean each and every detail of the Italvega Super Speciale bike (and all bikes to come).

The level of meticulous detail we asked from our painters to achieve utmost perfection was “insane”, according to them. Every detail of the bike is hand painted; from the logo to the serial number, not a single detail is a sticker or quick fix.

We’ve dressed up the Super Speciale in 2 different ways to help you get inspired when creating your own version. You can dress or undress the bike any way you want when choosing your frame color.

When it came to choosing colors, we refused to go with the current trends of bright and fluorescent palettes. Instead, we took the past to a new high by combining sophisticated, classic paints with a new twist (pssst, if you look closely, you’ll notice a white glow in our pearl blue or green finish, depending on your choice).

We then combined it with the most superior products we could find. In the end, the Super Speciale comes in at only 7.6 kilograms. We’re bringing colors and materials to the bike scene that no one else has. And, we’re doing it in style.

We want you to have a product that you will cherish for a long time. When you’re able to take our product and make it your own, is when we feel that we’ve hit a home run.